Living on the Edge

Edge Computing is enabling amazing things in government, enterprises, and industries.

Living on the Edge

Edge Computing is enabling amazing things in government, enterprises, and industries.

Edge Computing effectively integrates the end-user with cloud services, such as computing, storage, networking, and connectivity functionalities in more wide-ranging computer architecture.









You can make quicker, more rational choices by processing data near the Edge of the network in which the data is generated—because you’re making sense of the data right where it’s captured. Edge Computing and orchestration are intended to provide real-time, high-bandwidth, low-latency access to latency-sensitive applications dispersed at the network’s Edge and more efficient bandwidth utilization and enhanced security capabilities.

The rise of these new demands, on-demand demands, and new markets mean opportunities across the board for all companies across all industries looking to leverage Edge Computing. The main aim of employing the Edge is to alleviate network congestion and optimize application performance by processing associated tasks closer to the end-user, hence enhancing content and application delivery to those consumers. By eliminating the requirement for devices to connect to the cloud to make decisions, Edge Computing enables real-time local data processing on various devices, ranging from remotely operated mining equipment and autonomous vehicles to digital advertisements and wearable health gadgets. In contrast to recent developments in technology such as cloud computing, when a few key firms in the technology sector made the biggest gains, Edge Computing presents chances in a broad range of businesses.

As connected devices become more prevalent and their capabilities advance, the demand for real-time decision making is unencumbered by the latency of cloud computing. In some circumstances, connectivity intensifies.

Nearby Computing offers customers a host of solutions to unleash the potential of Edge Computing through Orchestration and Automation of MEC and 5G.

The NearbyOne is an orchestration platform built for speed, performance, and availability for your latency-sensitive, data-intensive, and mission-critical applications and can be applied to the following industries.



Telcos & Communication Service Providers (CSPs)


An Opportunity for Telcos to Extend Their Role Beyond Connectivity and Move Into the Application Space.

Oil & Gas Companies


Moving to the Edge is Crucial for Oil & Gas Companies to Make Better Use of Data.

Industry 4.0

industry 4.0

Orchestration & Edge Computing will Power the Future of Industry 4.0

Ports & Container terminals

port and container terminals

Digital Transformation in Ports using Edge Computing to Streamline Processes, Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Security.

Smart Cities

smart cities

Edge Computing Enables the “Smart” in Smart Cities by Bringing New Concepts to the Internet of Things Network.

Energy & Utilities

energy & utilities

Enabling a More Sustainable Energy Model with Edge Computing and Orchestration.

Critical Infrastructure (Mining, Remote & Rural Sites, Public Safety)

critical infrastructure

Ensuring Business Continuity for Mission-Critical Applications Through Edge Automation & Orchestration.

Intelligent Transportation


Edge Computing is Critical for Cities to Drive Intelligent Transportation.

Cloud Gaming

gaming industry

The Cloud Gaming Future is on the Edge.

Events, Media, and Entertainment Experiences

events & entertainment

Delivering Events, Media, and Entertainment Experiences at the Edge.

Edge Computing is leading the next technology revolution.

Join us in this Journey

Edge Computing is leading the next technology revolution.

Join us in this Journey

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