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NearbyOne is the most complete orchestration platform for Telcos & Enterprises

nearby one

The NearbyOne is the most complete
orchestration platform for Telcos & Enterprises

It offers an end-to-end, cross-domain orchestration capabilities that is built for speed, performance and availability for your latency-sensitive, data-intensive and mission-critical applications.

The NearbyOne cover full lifecycle management of distributed systems, networks and applications encompassing all layers, from the Edge to the Cloud.
NearbyOne offers some unique capabilities that addresses all the areas of operations that take part in edge deployments: the infrastructure, the network, and the applications, working on top function-specific components. By creating an internal link between these usually separated areas, NearbyOne can perform sophisticated orchestration functions enabling a higher degree of performance and efficiency, integrating each component’s capabilities to deliver innovative services. The single pane of glass feature allows customers to rapidly provision, allocate resources, and fully manage the lifecycle of their edge nodes as a service.

Why NearbyOne?

Why NearbyOne?

NearbyOne | Mec stack


A simple and verstaile Multi-access Edge Computing tool.

The MEC stack enables Communication Service Providers to deliver better services by leveraging new capabilities at the network edge. Our virtualized MEC is designed for speedy deployment of Industrial IoT applications or private LTE networks, among other use cases. Discover how our MEC can be integrated into your current cloud or on-premise architecture.

NearbyOne | Secure provisioning


Deploy and configure the entire PNF / VNF stack at the Edge in minutes.

Manage the entire lifecycle of hundreds, even thousands of edge network and compute devices with no impact to your operations budget in a fast, secure and unattended mode. Our Secure InfraManager fully automates the provision, configuration and installation of all elements in the edge stack. It also orchestrates dynamic upgrades, patching and reprovisioning on-the-fly.

NearbyOne | Service placement manager


Efficient matching available resources to services.

Nearby One continuously analyzes the operational status of each node in the network and can autonomously analyze and execute a relocation of computational, network and storage resources associated to a service especially when there is a strong potential for node failure. The relocation criteria is based on causing the least disruption to key service parameters.

NearbyOne | SLA manager


Scales to meet organizational needs right when you need it.

Workloads are variable, so IT systems should be flexible. By continuously monitoring critical network parameters, organizations and service providers can automate the use of resources and allocate them dynamically. The orchestrator reacts to changes and activates or deactivates resources. Thus, SLAs are met while keeping both OPEX and CAPEX at a minimum.

NearbyOne | Container and VM management


Workload balance between VMs and Containers.

These days, containers and VMs are critical for the efficient use of computational resources. We have embraced this new paradigm with a tool that transparently merges container and VM technologies so there are no constraints in deploying and orchestrating any VNF or application on the most suitable architecture.

NearbyOne | Simplified service builder


Create complex service chains that enhance business operations.

Combine the capabilities of multiple IT assets to deliver even more powerful and sophisticated services. The goal is to make business operations more efficient. We simplify what used to be hundreds of hours of integration into a simple definition of actions and conditions in an event-driven flow.

NearbyOne | Application management


Wide range of capabilities to manage applications and service operations.

Through logic embedded in the applications, the solution allows reconfiguration of various parameters that makes resource management efficient. This includes the ability to leverage Hardware Accelerators when needed as well as dynamic scaling through automation control loops, continously meeting the set KPIs.

NearbyOne | Network management


Routing made easy by overcoming barriers between networks.

Service providers and organizations have firewalls to protect their networks. Through the use of VPN connection, Nearby One can easily access and connect to the edge nodes that are being managed, wherever they are deployed. VPN also allows the users to connect to these remote nodes.

NearbyOne | Infrastructure management


Multi-site management of hybrid and heterogeneous networks.

Ability to on-board servers through nZTP capability, giving full configuration to the equipment automatically. On top of that, multiple edge sites from small IOT devices, small scale cloud datacenters known as cloudlets, to sites located anywhere even at the cloud environment can be managed centrally.

NearbyOne | Multi-tenant orchestration


Providing architects visibility into multi-tenant environments to design and deploy in 1-click or using API call.

Full multi-tenancy environment allowing businesses to optimize their investments by giving business units differentiated access to monitor, manage their ecosystem. Moreover, they are also given dedicated resource slices that allow them to deploy their applications based on demand.

NearbyOne | VNF and APP management


Automated policy management enabled allowing traffic steering and service chaining.

East-west interfaces allowing service chaining between other functions. Traffic is steered to the right application and the QoS is monitored and maintained guaranteeing quality service. Moreover, SD-WAN can be leveraged regardless of the access technology used as backhaul.

NearbyOne | Lifecycle management


Exposure of NBI interface to allow lifecycle management.

Both the applications and VNFs called the Nearby Blocks, are connected to Nearby One, sending and feeding the orchestrator all relevant information on its health status, telemetry, and KPI. This allows the orchestrator to control their lifecycle as well as perform automation control loops.

NearbyOne | Single pane of glass


A unified dashboard to manage everything from network to infrastructure to applications.

End-to-end deployment from design phase to operations and maintenance. It provides mechanisms to automate and orchestrate provisioning of services through a drag and drop approach. Moreover, it also gives access to the catalog of ISV edge solutions, including both the core network and the applications that can run on top of it. Pre-defined bundles are also available allowing rapid deployment of services.

NearbyOne | Micro & macro orchestration


Intra and internode orchestration capabilities for end-to-end service orchestration.

Two complementary orchestration approaches in managing the network.
Micro orchestration comes into play when fine-grained resource allocation per service is required. This is essential for mission critical system applications with low priority workloads. Marco orchestration is utilized when high-level visibility and management of all the points of presence (POP) in the field from a global point of view is required.

NearbyOne | SDK*


Enabling the integration of mission critical edge applications for orchestration.

The NearbySDK offers seamless integration of Edge
services access not only for end-to-end Orchestration, but also for lifecycle management, KPI monitoring and automation functions. This streamlines the process for full coverage from a LCM, KPI and automation perspective and allows the customer to better manage his required edge applications.

Edge Computing is leading the next technology revolution.

Join us in this Journey

Edge Computing is leading the next technology revolution.

Join us in this Journey

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