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Critical infrastructure

Ensuring Business Continuity for Mission-Critical Applications Through Edge Automation & Orchestration.

Our Edge & Orchestration Services for Critical Infrastructure covers three industries: (1) Mining, (2) Remote & Rural Sites, (3) Public Safety

Critical infrastructure and industrial facilities are well underway to harnessing Industry 4.0 connectivity and optimization. The mining industry is an example of where the integration of the virtual and physical worlds is happening faster than most of us would have imagined. What was once manual, onsite, and machine-operated is fast becoming technology-led, autonomous, remotely monitored, and virtually managed. The growing popularity of Edge Computing stems from its ability to perform operations and process data closer to the devices being used instead of sending them to central locations. This allows for decision-making in real-time or near real-time, enabling greater efficiency, reducing downtime, increasing throughput, and enhancing security as well.

Large scale-mining operations face two critical challenges. The first is how to keep virtual machines running continuously to optimize production and avoid costly downtime. The second is how to create and maintain a safe working environment for mine employee

NearbyOne, with a combination of partner applications, can increase onsite operations’ visibility, enabling better decision-making. Additionally, it also allows assets to be monitored remotely, allowing predictive maintenance and servicing, resulting in lower maintenance costs and a reduction in downtime.

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