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Delivering Events, Media, and Entertainment Experiences at the Edge.

The smooth development of manufacturing and distribution models continues to force businesses in the media and entertainment industry to enhance their processing capacity to satisfy customer demand for information and entertainment. Edge Computing technologies could therefore be a game-changer for the media and entertainment business.

Edge Computing with Orchestration can impact the media and entertainment industry by improving the Creation, Distribution, and Consumption of new content. The Edge is a disruptive technology that improves the creation and distribution of information and how people use it by the media and entertainment industry. Consumers increasingly have less tolerance over time, with so many gadgets and numerous methods of dealing with content.

The delivery speed of content has become crucial in an age where consumers expect to load pages within a few seconds. An infrastructure built on a 5G and Edge Computing can increase engagement among content consumers. For venue users, this can support a wide range of new experiences ranging from live switching of HD video streams and immersive AR/VR to real-time wayfinding, a reimagining of retail, and industrial use cases such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and industrial robotics.. Its is only with a mix of 5G and Mobile Edge Computing, the consumer experience won’t be compromised.

Using an end-to-end orchestrator like the NearbyOne manging the Edge together with the potential of 5G, media and entertainment firms can effortlessly create compelling and immersive experiences.

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