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Industry 4.0

Orchestration & Edge Computing will Power the Future of Industry 4.0

It’s the dawn of a new era in manufacturing: Emerging automation technologies are ushering in the 4th industrial revolution, with promises of smart factories and warehouses that continuously collect and share massive data sets through connected devices and distributed infrastructure.

Data-driven technologies, including artificial intelligence and robotics, are poised to transform manufacturing—but the rise of smart factories requires moving Computing to the Edge.

The move toward Edge Computing results from a sea change in manufacturing over the past two decades. Manufacturers, whether they make industrial products, electronic equipment, or consumer goods, have transitioned slowly but steadily to increased automation and self-monitoring of systems and processes to drive greater efficiency in producing products, maintaining
equipment, and optimizing every link in the supply chain.

R Manufacturing resiliency relies on data for rapid and effective decisions.

R Edge Computing lets manufacturers collect, process, and/or store data at or near the location where the data is generated.

R IT/OT departments are converging, and these two groups agree that Edge is essential to any connected
factory program.

Edge Computing is necessary to enable the next-generation industrial revolution. However, this is impossible without an end-to-end cross-domain orchestrator like the NearbyOne making it a seamless ecosystem.

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