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Enabling a More Sustainable Energy Model with Edge Computing and Orchestration.

In recent times, the Energy & Utilities industries have gradually shifted from IoT Cloud to the Edge. We perceive a revolution in the energy paradigm as a whole. This production is made possible by distributed generation systems, the progressive adoption of electric mobility and storage systems, and the requirement to monitor and reduce end consumption, all of which have significantly impacted the business models associated with all segments of the value chain.

Edge Computing can expand production capacities for power companies and other energy stakeholders across the value chain, optimize the process, extend asset life, and offer chances for implementing advanced software. Energy is an industry that encompasses a variety of distributed energy sources. Each day, such an energy source can generate more than one Terabyte (TB) of data. Typically, data is pushed back to a centralized cloud server for processing. However, with the exponential growth of data, there is increased pressure on the firms; infrastructure, thereby impacting the operational efficiencies. Edge Computing, on the other hand, is performed on scattered device nodes. Thus, the implementation of Edge Computing will allow energy firms to enhance processing speeds and reduce security concerns.

Edge Computing is the solution to the present and future data challenges associated with the energy sector. Neary One can address the most challenging Edge compute requirements for this industry.

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