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Port and container terminals

Digital Transformation in Ports using Edge Computing to Streamline Processes, Improve Safety, Efficiency, and Security.

Efficiency is the fundamental component of the port sector, requiring uninterrupted operations throughout the year. Port facilities serve as a crucial link in the global supply chain and, as an extension of that, global commerce. Given this key role, harnessing technology to develop smart port solutions is a major focus, which sees 5G and Edge Computing to drive efficiency and productivity.

The high Bandwidth and massive connectivity capabilities of 5G enable effective backhauling of multi-channel High Definition (HD) video and sensor data. When used in conjunction with Edge Computing and AI, 5G can aid in the synchronization and coordination of port devices and manufacturing systems

The Edge/5G ecosystem will include AI video and vision technologies enabling real-time recognition of vehicle, container, and commodities number plates and badges, enabling automated access control. This solution can be an essential element of making digitalization at ports a reality by automating their mechanisms, limiting waiting times for the cars at the gate, ramping up the traceability and security of hazardous materials, and taking a step towards decarbonization with no infrastructure increases and no cost reduction.

Deploying 5G with NearbyOne-managed AI and Edge Computing permits more jobs to be completed automatically, enhancing port intelligence and operating efficiency.

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