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Nearby Computing and 6WIND join forces to offer innovative edge computing solutions 

Barcelona, Spain, June, 2023 

Nearby Computing, a pioneer in the orchestration and automation of MEC & 5G, and 6WIND, a leading green-tech networking software company that specializes in high-performance virtualized and cloud-native network solutions, sign a strategic partnership to jointly deploy and deliver innovate edge computing solutions for the cloud-to-edge ecosystem. This international alliance will address the networking and routing needs of the modern enterprise that is heterogenous and widely distributed.

Thanks to this partnership, Nearby Computing leverages 6WIND’s Network Virtualization and SDN Expertise to deliver advanced network intelligence that ensures secure and coordinated communication between distributed edge nodes. By working together, Nearby Computing can offer to its customers a more complete solution that now can optimize the routing and security aspects for all types of edge deployments. This collaboration is a significant milestone for both companies, having already secured a Telco Edge contract with one of the leading MNO in the APAC region.

“Partnering with 6WIND is a significant step for us as we continue to expand our partner ecosystem with innovative and market ready solutions that are critical to the adoption of edge computing use cases. Only with partners like 6WIND can we create value-added solutions that combine efficient routing and security with the management and orchestration that Nearby provides.”
Josep Martí
ceo nearby

6WIND’s expertise in network virtualization and software-defined networking will enable Nearby Competing to offer the modern enterprise a broader range of solutions using robust security controls and improving quality of service (QoS) of their networks. 

Due to the dynamic nature of the Edge, changes at network nodes are in real time, and for the modern enterprise the network must be able to adapt to the dynamic changes at the edge nodes and elastic changes with the number nodes. 6WIND is the right partner when it comes to addressing these very network specific edge challenges, that are demanding, yet sensitive”, Martí added.


The joint solution addresses an unmet market need for enhanced routing capabilities deployed and managed at scale through orchestration, across both the Cloud and the Edge of the network. 


NearbyOne covers the full lifecycle management of distributed workloads encompassing all network tiers, from the edge to the cloud. This orchestration platform offers some unique capabilities that address all the areas of operations that take part in edge deployments: the infrastructure, the network, and the applications, working on top of function-specific components. The single pane of glass feature allows customers to rapidly provision, allocate resources, and fully manage the lifecycle of their edge nodes as a service. 

“We are very excited to partner with Nearby Computing and bring our expertise in network virtualization and software-defined networking to their edge computing solutions, this partnership will enable us to reach a wider audience and provide our VSR software solutions to more customers around the globe who are looking to accelerate their virtualization journey.”
Julien Dahan

The 6WIND VSR Product Suite, which includes vPE, vCSR, vSecGW, vCGNAT, vBR and vCPE, has demonstrated its ability to conserve energy and reduce carbon footprint. These solutions offer high performance, security, scalability, flexibility, openness, and agility to global CSPs, MNOs, Cloud Providers, Data Centers, and Enterprises. They can be deployed in various forms, including PNF, VNF, CNF, or cloud-native, on COTS servers in both private and public clouds.

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