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Nearby Computing, a key player in “CAMARA Project – The Telco Global API Alliance”  

What is CAMARA Project?

CAMARA project is a federated platform solution for exposing operator network capabilities to external applications. CAMARA project is an open-source project within Linux Foundation to define, develop and test the APIs. CAMARA collaborates closely with the GSMA Operator Platform Group to align API requirements and publish API definitions and APIs.

The  GSMA Operator Platform Group led by Telefónica, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia  and other  Tier 1 MNOs, together with the most active companies in the ecosystem, are promoting the deployment of a new generation of technologies to transform the way new services and experiences are created and can be enjoyed by users.

Nearby Computing is one of the companies participating in CAMARA project and one out of 20 that have signed the agreement to launch the Open Gateway Initiative to integrate telcos and cloud services, opening up endless possibilities.

Nearby Computing, with its 360 edge-to-cloud management platform, Nearby One, has accomplished the  first reference implementation of the E-W platform federation interface, using CAMARA APIs.

CAMARA project offers new opportunities for collaboration between network and cloud companies (including telcos, ISVs, device manufacturers, etc.) to address the challenges of porting and reproducing API services across heterogeneous operator architectures. This prevents fragmentation of telco and cloud developers and enables faster, more versatile advancement of global portability and broad industry adoption of new features and capabilities:

  • Edge Computing: allowing data to be processed more closely and securely from the source where data is created.
  • Low latency workloads: such as 5G, virtual-reality apps, etc.
  • Programmable networks: through network and telco APIs in a standardized way to make them interoperable.

Nearby Computing will keep contributing to the telco industry development through its  participation as a front runner in the relevant CAMARA groups.

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