Fast deployment of services in remote locations




Remote business locations or rural areas usually suffer from a lower service level compared to urban or industrial areas.



These areas are at risk of not being able to enjoy the upcoming digital transformation of industry, education, health, etc. or to pay a high extra cost for not losing track.



Governments are developing programs to connect rural areas but at a slow pace. Moreover, not only extra investments are needed but OPEX are significantly higher and governments don’t pay for it.

Solution architecture

Extension of 5G networks in remotes sites through satellite backhauling.

Fast deployment of services in remote locations

Use cases examples

Users can enjoy these and other services through the local communication infrastructure

Edge hosted team
Edge hosted team
Video features

Screen Sharing.
Switch between cameras.

Voice features

Dial pad to make PSTN calls.
PSTN and PBX integration with transcoding.

Edge cloud gaming
Edge cloud gaming
Key elements

Zero Effort
Do not modify the application.

Low Cost
Patented technology reduces infrastructure costs to provide the service.

Low Piracy
Only A/V streams are sent out to the remote end-devices.

From any device
3D intensive software can be accessed
from any end-device, FHD, 60fps.

Edge content<br />
delivery network
Edge content
delivery network
Key elements
Reduced UE to content time.

No backhauling bottlenecks.

Close to the users, less exposed
to connectivity issues.

VALUE-ADDED solution

Solution outcomes

The fast and affordable access to next generation services in areas with poor network coverage.

NearbyOne’s orchestration enables the extension of cutting-edge services to remote locations, leveraging SAT communications. Service providers or companies with remote sites can deploy and manage the latest applications at an affordable CAPEX and OPEX budget. ​

R Lots of potential beneficiaries: deployable in rural communities, remote enterprise sites, mines, sea platforms, boats, public facilities in wild environments…

R Ultra- fast solution deployment: 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks.

R Affordable backhaul costs, with no investment.​

R Extension of public 4G/5G networks to access public telecom services​.

R Private 4G/5G network on every remote business location with one centralized network Core​.

R High-bandwidth, low latency services can run locally thanks to Edge Computing, delivering the same quality standards as in urban areas. ​

Local phone calls can be processed locally avoiding the satellite backhaul latency.​

R Flexible sizing of the solution to allow limited CAPEX.​

R Remote orchestration services enable a tightly controlled

R OPEX – no support technicians’ travel​.

R Can be fed by solar/wind power, backed by a fuel engine.

Fast deployment of services in remote locations

nearbyone platform

Fast deployment of services in remote locations

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