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Nearby Computing and Druid Software partner to deliver industry-leading yet cost-efficient and fully automated 5G+MEC solutions, to expand the adoption of Mobile Private Networks by industries

Barcelona, Spain, July, 2023

Nearby Computing, the industry-leader platform for Edge Computing Orchestration and Automation, and Druid Software, a global leader in Private 5G Networks, Private 4G and LTE Networks, have signed a strategic partnership to develop and promote a joint solution based on the combination of the two companies’ flagship products: NearbyOne Orchestrator, an edge computing management and automation suite, and Druid Raemis, a cellular core network software.

Accordingly, enterprises willing to deploy private connectivity and services at their production sites will have access to the most powerful and reliable yet compact Private 5G solution, deployed in minutes instead of weeks, and will gain immediate access to managed Edge Computing applications.

After more than 10 commercial and innovation projects carried out together, both companies have decided to ally and jointly bring to the market a solution designed to unlock a wide adoption of mobile private 5G networks. The solution is the most flexible in the market, as it can be deployed in different environments, from any hyperscaler infrastructure to private clouds and even on-premises. Also, full scalability is allowed: customers can start with a light solution that can progressively grow up to thousands of connected devices. Finally, both companies ensure a fully streamlined Day-0 deployment and automated lifecycle management, saving up to 90% of operation time and minimizing operation costs.

NearbyOne includes an open application marketplace, bridging the gap between connectivity-only and a full Edge Computing ecosystem, by enabling companies to onboard as a Service some of the key Industry 4.0 or IoT applications.

The NearbyOne + Raemis solution can be leveraged directly by companies in countries where spectrum is accessible, or by service providers willing to propose to their customers a highly competitive offer of private connectivity and managed services.

With the scalability and versatility of Nearby Computing’s platform and the ease of use of Druid´s 5G core, use cases such as Private Communications, Video Analytics, Drones and Mission Critical Push to Talk are now available for customers to leverage and run at all their distributed sites. The joint solution also brings a fully capable observability stack, to be leveraged by Telco Operator, system integrators or even the companies’ network teams to build a complete support environment and enable the solution to manage critical operations.

“It clearly appeared along the many projects we share that Nearby Computing and Druid Software are fully complementary to each other, as Druid brings a highly efficient connectivity solution that is enhanced by the management and orchestration that is native to Nearby. As such, the combined solution provides flexibility, scalability and ease-of-use to any use case, whether it is satellite, V2X or MPN.”
Josep Martí


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According to Analysis Mason, spending on private network will reach USD 7.7B in 2027 


As the requirement for private networks grows, the complexity of these solutions requires specific tools to manage and automate the various infrastructures, network functions and applications. To make a viable solution, a robust and easy-to-use private cloud-native core needs to be paired with a flexible and scalable solution that can orchestrate everything from a single site all the way to a widely distributed network, preferably from a single interface.

Beyond the forecasted expenses on connectivity, the rise of MEC applications is expected to be connected to Private 5G development. STL Partners size the edge computing market in USD445B by 2030.

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